Speeding Up Your Slow PC or Laptop

Is your PC or laptop acting slow, failing to start or just not as efficient as it needs to be? Whether you use your computer daily for Facebook or basic web browsing or depend on it for heavier processes like photo or video editing local Winnipeg computer repair shops are your best solution for getting back to work as soon as possible. Over time, your hard disk can become full of programs you never really use, as well as other unnecessary temporary files. Along with other issues, these can cause our day to day tasks to slow down – fewer programs can be open at the same time, low memory notifications become more common and ultimately your productivity goes down significantly.

Investing in a PC tune-up or optimization package as they are usually called can assist you in getting more years out of your desktop or laptop. Often time’s people simply buy a new PC when they get to this point, but it’s actually easier to resolve the slowness – in most cases these can be done within 24 hours and cost less than $100 in the Winnipeg area.

What’s Included In A PC Optimization Package?

Disk defragmentation is a big part of making your system run more efficiently. If you think of your hard drive as a large unorganized book shelf – defragmentation basically organizes those books (i.e. chunks of data) and makes them easier to retrieve. Removal of any unnecessary or unused programs that are loaded when you start your computer can help you get it started faster, as well as keep more programs running concurrently. Combine this with updating all hardware drivers and applying any Windows Security Updates and you will almost certainly feel an immediate difference in how you use your computer.

PC optimization packages do not alter your data in most cases and there is really no need to backup anything. However keeping your essential files backed up to Dropbox.com is always advisable.

Hardware repairs and upgrades are also a great way to lengthen the lifespan of your PC investment; however they can vary in price depending on the availability of the specific component – whether it be a keyboard, replacement laptop screen or even hinge. The best first step is to search your laptop model on eBay and you can get an idea for the general cost.

Explaining The High Cost Of iPhone 6 Repair In 2014

The time has come – the new iPhone model has hit the stores and tons of people are lining up all night getting ready for that precious newer, thinner, and exclusive device. At the same time, companies big and small – iFixit to your local iPhone repair shop in Winnipeg are busy sourcing the highest quality repair components for the inevitable smashed screens that will happen in a matter of days (or hours – unfortunately).

If you are in the unfortunate situation of holding a broken iPhone 6 screen, you’re likely to get shocked when it comes to repair pricing at this time. Your looking at upwards of $350 – which is roughly 25 percent of the original price, depending on if you’re locked into a contract or not. You’re probably wondering why this is so damn high, especially comparing to the ~$100 price tag on the iPhone 5/5S/5C models. Luckily, Juan Carlos is here to explain the economics of iPhone repair to you!

First, it’s important to realize that Apple themselves never have and never will ever produce replacement components like batteries and LCD digitizer displays. They would much rather have you  When a device is first released into the market, many factories out east will replicate the components and market them as ‘original Apple parts’ which can be deceiving for those that repair these devices on an ongoing basis. Locating actual quality parts, waiting for them to arrive, learning to install them and stress testing the components (you want your battery to last more than a few months and not burn out right?), is a strenuous and time consuming process.  Add to this the low supply of quality parts in the market, and you have a recipe for incredibly high prices, initially at least. Once enough demand has forced the factories to create higher quality replica components (read: higher quality is for example a sturdier glass overlay on your iPhone 6 digitizer assembly) you’ll likely see prices decrease radically as local iPhone repair outfits compete for your precious dollars. For more information on fixing that cracked screen in the Winnipeg Metro Area, we recommend our friends over at iPhoneRepairWinnipeg.com – click to view pricing – they have a location just over on Portage Avenue and can get your repair done nice and fast.

iphone screen repair winnipeg

As you can see the iPhone repair economy is burgeoning and pretty understandable once you take a look deep into it’s workings. Our best recommendation is to hold onto your broken phone and use a backup if you can’t afford the current price tag for iPhone screen repair in Winnipeg. Prices are proven to drop within 30-60 days, so you can definitely cash in on the savings at that time.

Tips For Effectively Using Digital Signage Displays

If your somewhat interested in LED digital signage or video displays in the Ottawa area, you’re probably wondering what the costs and installation process is and how it can help your business get more customers in the door.

The most efficient part about digital signage units these days is probably the fact that content can be changed and edited remotely and with little technical knowledge. This is way better than calling a signage company with a big ladder to change your outdoor displays. On top of that, getting fresh content is easier than ever with video editing and creative sources being so abundant. Most vendors of these types of displays can either provide content, or point you in the direction of someone that can help your creative dreams become reality.

There are two components to most popular digital video display units you’ll run into. The actual high definition digital display, and the controller unit where you can upload new content, change existing content. You can even schedule certain content for certain times, which is great as it frees up time for other tasks. Something most busy business owners will definitely appreciate.

When choosing which digital displays to go with, keep in mind viewing distance, average weather conditions and the type of content that’s going to be displayed. A menu board at a restaurant for instance should be incredibly easy to read and as big as possible. On the other hand, if it’s a small advertising display in a wash room, this isn’t necessarily a priority. If the signage display will be exposed to the elements at all, you’re going to want to check with your supplier to make sure they are resilient to the elements.

digital video displays


At the end of the day, we highly recommend getting the advise and guidance of a professional who is experienced with custom digital signage solutions who can make some serious recommendations on which displays and content delivery systems would best suit your needs. While the initial cost may seem large, the savings and increase in customer engagement and experience over a few months more than justify this.

What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Charge

In our last post, we covered some information about iPhone screen repair and getting it done in a timely fashion. This post however, will cover exactly what you can do if your phone isn’t charging.


While a broken LCD digitizer is probably the most common issue local repair shops come face to face with, there are several other repairs that they can accomplish in a timely fasion. One of them is the inability of your iPhone to take or hold a charge which can be a real nuisance. If your iPhone doesn’t seem to want to charge there are several steps that can be taken to remedy the situation. The below has been supplied by http://iphonerepairsk.biz which is a great place to get your iPhone fixed in Saskatoon.

iphone 5 charger port

First try and use different charging cables. If you’ve had your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 for over a year the cable may have worn out and the solution would be as simple as getting or trying a new cable. Connecting your phone via USB instead of to a DC outlet can also be attempted and some of our users have reported good results from trying that.

In certain cases, you may know exactly what the issue is such as the charging port being broken or not working. In these circumstances, your best option is to bring it into a professional iPhone repair shops and get the entire charging port assembly replaced. This is usually affordably priced around $50-60. This is a generally seamless procedure and can be accomplished within an hour or two. One of the very first things you can do if this is too expensive for you is to try a factory reset on your iPhone since there is a chance this may be a software issue.

For those with the technical knowledge, a replacement charger port including appropriate ribbon cable can be found online for quite an inexpensive price. Tutorials videos for the iPhone 4/4S showing how it should be installed are plentiful and if you’re not in a particular rush you can definitely save tons of money.

Fast iPhone Screen Repair? Be Careful!

If you end up with a broken iPhone the repair process can seem daunting and confusing. Some local Saskatoon shops charge as much as $120 to repair a broken front digitizer, and some charge much less. But the difference in quality isn’t truly apparent to the average consumer, so most people go with whatever option is more convenient for them at the time. If you’re researching options, you might want to consider some of the following before forking over your hard earned cash and your beloved iPhone for repair.

iPhone Screen Repair Turnaround Time

Obviously the first thing people think about is how fast the repair process will take. Most hardware components that need to be switched out and that often break can be done within a few hours. That doesn’t mean your repair will take a couple hours, as if your in a big city, with a high volume of repairs you can expect it to take up to a full 24 hours. Some iPhone repair shops offer expedited service for an extra fee if you need your phone back ASAP.

Quality of Replacement Parts

As time has gone on, replacement parts like iPhone 4 LCD digitizers have become less expensive and more available for anyone to buy. This is good because the prices have dropped significantly, but it also means anyone can order 20 replacement screens off the net and claim they can fix your phone up. The main issue with this is that you can’t really tell the difference between quality parts and those cheaper parts which won’t last. Our recommendation is to find the local shops that have established reviews and have been around for a while. Furthermore, any good business will readily offer a serious warranty and stand behind their work.


As with most things on our blog, we recommend not shopping around on price and trying to save insignificant amounts of money when it comes to repairing your iPhone in Saskatoon. There are plenty of decent options both in Regina as well as Prince Albert as well that would serve as excellent options for even a basic cracked iPhone screen repair.

Finally, while taking your phone into an Apple Retail location is always suitable, please do keep in mind that they do not offer any backup solutions and will simply sell you a new or (refurbished?) phone with none of your existing data.

Bring Your PC In For Professional Repair

Your desktop computer or laptop can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you use it every day for work, business or pleasure, you know the convenience it brings to your life. It isn’t usually until the day something goes wrong and you can’t really find a solution that you’ll really think of employing trusted computer repair solutions. For issues like data recovery, virus removal, and other issues that just cripple your productivity, seeing a professional PC repair technician is our best recommendation for several reasons.

First, the time saved by actually having your equipment diagnosed by a pro will give you a certain peace of mind. Instead of spending hours searching for a solution online that might not work, and might even make the problem worse if you implement it incorrectly. While the cost of having your issue diagnosed by a professional Saskatoon PC repair shop won’t necessarily be as inexpensive as you might think, prices are quite competitive. On top of that, the time savings are substantial, which you’ll likely enjoy considering at the current time you have no use for a broken computer.

So where should I take my PC for Repair in Saskatoon?

Realize first, that while it’s easy to find someone to fix your PC, not everyone’s skills are equal, and some issues require more technical knowledge than others.  With this in mind, look for repair shops that have a pretty transparent pricing policy and abundant positive reviews. Any business that has been around for a couple years should have lots of customer feedback on sites like Yelp, Google Places, and even local directories like UsedStoon can be very helpful.

When you take your laptop or desktop PC in, be sure to confirm the turnaround time as well as exactly what they’ll be doing for you. If for example, you have a virus issue, make sure there re no data issues (you might need to make backups of sensitive data as an example), and what exactly they’re process is.

Any sensitive data should be backed up safely before you bring your PC to a computer repair shop. A simple 1TB external hard drive would work fine for this. Of course, this is something that the business you choose to bring your computer to should advise you.


Of course you’re going to want to find an affordable PC repair solutions in Saskatoon, but the reality is that if the issue your facing is data sensitive, there may be little that can be done in terms of mitigating costs. Computer repair shops are busy places and some solutions do require extensive research and work which means you should be ready to be without your machine for at least a few days.